Chapter Nine – The Salon and Environmental Adjustments

Chapter Nine – The Salon and Environmental Adjustments

Salon design


The things to consider when planning a grooming salon:


  • Layout
  • Reception area
  • Grooming area – Make the best possible use of daylight and back it up with a spotlight and efficient artificial light, which minimizes shadows                                                              
  • Non – slip floor


  • Grooming tables should have non-slip surface usually rubber cover and adjustable height, which makes for a comfortable working position.


  • Bathing area – Non-slip flooring
  • Bath should not be too large, and the height adjustable for small and large dogs – The water system must be arranged so that the pressure is always the same 
  • Hot and cold water taps – temperature fluctuation can be dangerous     
  • Staff room
  • Holding area – holding pens and creates are needed for all the dogs waiting for grooming or collection
  • Isolation facilities


Salon Interior


Temperature control 


Animals must be protected from extremes of temperature, and the environmental temperature controlled to minimizes distress to animals. Very old and very young animals are more sensitive to changes in temperature. When the environmental temperature exceed the animal’s body temperature it ultimately becomes impossible for that animal to maintain its body temperature within normal limits for that animal


Cabinet dryers are specifically designed unit with a fan circulating air and temperature gauge to ensure safety and control of the dog. The dogs in the cabinet should be monitored closely as a dog could get over-heated if left for too long at a time in the dyer. Most of dogs especially elderly dogs enjoy the comfort of a sleep in the warm surrounding. The cabinet dryers are not suitable for brachycephalicus breeds and dogs with long wool coat that needs to be straighten.


Environmental adjustments for some conditions




We have to take extra special care grooming puppies and old dogs. With old dogs you can ask the owner to stay so they can see you are handling the dog gently and also they can help with handling. Minimize the number of potential hazards and stressful situations: owner can bath the dog at home, don’t use high powered dryer, book the dog when the salon is less busy, plan the grooming to take the least amount of time, aim for a good tidy up not a perfection.






Chondrodysplasia means abnormal growth of cartilage and results in disproportionate dwarfism. The cause is genetic cartilage abnormality and the signs are: limb shortening, flared metaphyses, depressed nasal bridge, shortened maxilla, crowding of teeth. Several dog breed display this as standard conformation, e.g. Dachshund, Bassett hound


 Some dogs with chondrodysplasia suffer from heart abnormalities, joint pain and decreased bone density. A dog with minor complications can lead a fairly comfortable life. It is important to monitor the dog’s weight, as these breeds are prone to obesity.


Handle the dog with extra care and always support underneath.